Spectra of neutrinos from Dark Matter annihilations

NOTE: the results of this work are now superseded by PPPC 4 DM ν, based on arXiv:1312.6408. See that website for more details.

Data and Results from hep-ph/0506298

If using the data here provided, please cite
    M.Cirelli, N.Fornengo, T.Montaruli, I.Sokalski, A.Strumia, F.Vissani, ``Spectra of neutrinos from dark matter annihilations'', Nucl. Phys. B727:99-138, 2005, hep-ph/0506298v5.

This is Release 4: A bug in the production of the fluxes of anti-neutrinos after propagation from the Sun has been fixed. All other fluxes are unchanged (i.e. in particular there are no changes for: all fluxes before propagation (neutrinos and anti-neutrinos), all fluxes after propagation from the Earth (neutrinos and anti-neutrinos), neutrino fluxes after propagation from the Sun).

Fluxes of neutrinos before propagation (i.e. at production from DM annihilations):
- explanations.pdf
- DMnuProdFluxes.zip
data files: neutrino fluxes
- DMnuProdParameters.zip
data files: fit parameters

Fluxes of neutrinos after propagation (oscillations, absorptions, regeneration):
- explanations2.pdf explanations
- DMnuEvolFluxes.zip data files: neutrino fluxes

Fluxes of neutrinos after propagation (oscillations, absorptions, regeneration) given in Mathematica format:
- DMnuSample.nb.zip
sample and explanations
- DMnuEarth.nb.zip data file: fluxes from DM annihilations in the Earth
- DMnuSun.nb.zip data file: fluxes from DM annihilations in the Sun

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Further information, different (reasonable) data formats, copies of the figures in the paper, files from the previous release for comparisons and so on can be obtained upon request:
fornengo@to.infn.it, marco.cirelli@cea.fr .

Last updated: 23 december 2013