Other works:

Two popular level articles on DM and DE (in french):

        - Scintillations n.87, juin 2012: ''Illuminer les cotés sombres de l'Univers'', pdf file.

        - Clefs du CEA n.58, automne 2009: ''Théorie de la Matière Noire'', pdf file.

Some selected conference proceedings:
(some others included in the publication list)

- for Rencontres du Vietnam 2014 Very High Energy Phenomena in the Universe - 3-9 Aug 2014, Quy Nhon, Vietnam
  "Dark Matter indirect searches: some anomalies and many constraints", pdf file;
  published in the proceedings

- for Rencontres de La Thuile 2012 (de  la Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste) - 26 Feb - 3 Mar 2012, La Thuile, Italy
  ''Dark Matter Searches: a theoretical perspective'', pdf file;
  published in the proceedings

- for LC11 - 12-16 Sep 2011, Trento, Italy
  ''Tools for DM Indirect Detection'', pdf file;
  published in the Proceedings, Frascati Physics Series, Vol. 54

- for Carpathian Summer School of Physics 2010 - 20 Jun - 3 Jul 2010, Sinaia, Romania:
  ''Hoping to indirectly detect DM with Cosmic Rays'', pdf file;
  published in the proceedings by APS

- for Neutrino Telescopes 2009 - 10-13 March 2009, Venice, Italy:
  ''PAMELA, ATIC and Dark Matter, or: Seeing DM in Cosmic Rays?'', pdf file;
  published in ''Venice 2009, Neutrino telescopes'' 539-559

- for NOW 2008 - Neutrino Oscillation Workshop, Conca Specchiulla (Otranto), Lecce, Italy, 6-13 Sep 2008:
  ''Non-standard neutrinos and Cosmology'', pdf file;
  published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl. 188: 339-341, 2009

- for IFAE2006 - Incontri sulla Fisica delle Alte Energie, Pavia, Italy, 19-21 April 2006:
   "Cosmology and Neutrinos, of fixed and variable mass", pdf file;
   published in "Proceedings of IFAE2006", ed. Springer Italia

- for PASCOS'04 - 10th international symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology, 16-22 August 2004, Northeastern University, Boston, Ma, Usa:
  "Sterile Neutrinos in Cosmology and Supernovae"
, pdf file;
  published in "Proceedings of PASCOS'04/NathFest", ed. World Scientific

- for IFAE2004 - Incontri sulla Fisica delle Alte Energie, Torino, Italy, 14-16 April 2004:
  "Probing sterile neutrinos with Astrophysics,
Cosmology and ...the rest"pdf file ;
  published in "Proceedings of IFAE2004"

- for IFAE2003 - Incontri sulla Fisica delle Alte Energie, Lecce, Italy, 23-26 April 2003:
  "Neutrinos in Extra Dimensions and Supernovae: which signal from the next explosion?"
pdf file ;
  published in "Proceedings of IFAE2003", ed. Societa' Italiana di Fisica

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